Sofia Ekström

Postadress: Sverige
Mobiltelefon: 0705554729

Sofia Ekström graduated from the Royal College of Arts in Stockholm 2013, and the same year she received the Aguéli prize. Sofia Ekström's uses painted backdrops - the type used in photo studios - as elements in theatrical installations, in her paintings, and as a departure for narration. In the absence of a tangible motif, epic romance intersects with nostalgic kitsch, painting with photography, now with then, the observed with the observer. She moves between the different habitats of image reproduction; photography's inherent complications and of painting's potential. Ekström also works with film, both staged and with documentary elements.

  • Born 1978 in Stockholm, Sweden

  • Lives and works in Stockholm

Nattframkallaren 2018 (Offentligt uppdrag Axfast, Kungsgatan 55, entrén Vetekatten)

Kodak Woman Series 2019 (Paintings in vintage Kodak light boxes with animated light)